Dr Marie Brown

Natural heritage writer
Dr Marie Brown

Dr Marie Brown

Natural heritage writer


Marie is the Senior Policy Analyst for EDS, a long-running Auckland-based NGO, specialising in biodiversity policy.

Marie was born in Whangarei and grew up in New Zealand and Australia, spending much of her childhood travelling on a yacht in remote locations. She finished her high school education at Glenfield College and now holds degrees in science and environmental law from the University of Auckland, and a PhD from the University of Waikato that focussed on the use of ecological compensation under the RMA. Marie has worked in the fields of RMA compliance monitoring and natural environment policy and has a keen interest in effective environmental governance.

Marie is the lead author of EDS’s recent book, Vanishing Nature: facing New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis. Vanishing Nature is Marie’s first book and along with her able co-authors, she details the decline of New Zealand’s natural heritage and how to turn this trend around. New Zealand has a world-renowned natural environment that is at great risk from weak governance and the power of vested interests, but solutions exist. Vanishing Nature details a plethora of such solutions, some brave and some immediate and sensible, and offers a vision of true prosperity for New Zealand.

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Vanishing Nature

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