Friendship, food, passion and family secrets

Nicky Pellegrino
14 Nov 2015
10:00 - 11:00
Artworks Theatre, 131 Ocean View Road, Oneroa

Friendship, food, passion and family secrets

Supported by Waiheke Unichem Pharmacy :

Nicky Pellegrino has enjoyed success in New Zealand and internationally with her fiction. Set in Italy, her stories are about friendship, food, love and happiness.

Nicky will talk with Arcadia bookstore’s Doris Mousedale about how often we forget to be happy, even when life is perfectly good. She will share her inspirations for her latest novel One Summer In Venice and look at how memories of childhood summers spent in Italy have flavoured bestsellers such as The Italian Wedding, Recipe For Life and The Food Of Love Cookery School.

Taking her readers out of their own lives and to another place entirely is Nicky’s aim with all her stories. She will give insight into the way she shapes her books, her methods and influences, and talk about how a novel that is easy to read isn’t always so easy to write.


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